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April 12th at 2:00pm PST

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Discover the Proven Strategies to FINALLY Get Out of Your Own Way and Become the Entrepreneur You Were Always Meant to Be!

5 Signs You're Playing Small and How to Start Thinking Differently!

"Thanks to my work with Carol, business has been booming and I feel fully confident it will continue to grow. It’s amazing what happens when you get crystal clear and can actually tell people what you can do for them in one sentence in a way that they 'get it' and say YES before you can finish!"

TWILA KAYE, Twila Kaye International
Founder & Creator of "The Millionaire Map"

Join Me & Learn:

Why the old methods (those ones you’re still using) no longer work—and what to do instead

How you’re unconsciously holding yourself back—and how to change your mindset around your income and goals

How to finally stop letting your fears and insecurities control your life—including getting over the number one killer, “imposter syndrome.”


If it feels like you’re working way too hard and not getting the results you need, then chances are you’re “playing small.” Join me for this FREE webinar, and I’ll help you finally grow into the entrepreneur you were always meant to be! 

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Opening the vault to share my skills and experience!

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is an acclaimed author, speaker, corporate consultant, and confident image coach. She's the founder of Evolve Image Consulting, a professional development company that educates entrepreneurs and business leaders on developing an effective, empowering, and confident image. Her unparalleled ability to empower not only individuals but businesses, through transformative methods has allowed her clients to go from ordinary to extraordinary in a very short period of time.

Carol's one of 10 licensed Fashion Feng Shui® Masters in the world, a Master NLP Practitioner, and combines her education (JD and PhD) & experience, to help her clients implement proven strategies to increase profit, productivity, self-confidence, and success. With 25+ years as an attorney, management consultant, professor, and dean, Carol ran a 6- figure organizational consulting practice and won national awards for building a 100+ sales force, developing leaders, and business development. 

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